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bmw navigation australia dvd bmw business navigation 2013 free bmw e46 navi iphone bmw navigation professional 2014 chomikuj navigatie bmw download e46 bmw navigation retrofit bmw e60 navigation problems 2. One can quickly flip through blend modes while trying out effects by using the keys “shift+ to change to next mode and shift- to go to the previous mode.” When a painting tool is active this shortcut will change the blend mode of the painting tool. However, if anything is highlighted then the shortcut will not work. You will have press esc and then use the shortcut keys again. The best part is, it was a full hybrid (listen up GM) with regenerative braking. The engine was a parallel hybrid that included a 12-hp, 4-cylinder gasoline engine as an auxiliary drive system in addition to the electric drive train. The electric engine could propel the car up to 20 mph. Together with the gas engine, the dual wood power could get up to 35 mph. Copyright © Jeanette J. Fisher.6 Steps On How To Relieve InsomniaThere is few things in life more frustrating than having to lie there in bed, staring at the ceiling and being unable to fall asleep. Night after night you try to get some rest, but you just can't seem to get and stay asleep. You know you have to sleep, but for some reason it doesn't happen. There are some steps on how to relieve insomnia that might be able to help you get your much needed rest. Eventually, you might have to go see a specialist to help you, but if one of these steps works, then that expensive trip might be avoided.1) Eat consistently throughout the day and be careful what you ingest. A sharp decline or spike in your blood sugar level can disrupt any sleep patterns you might fall into. Try avoiding caffeine the last half of the day. Avoid alcohol in the evening. Yes, alcohol might relax you and help you get to sleep, but the quality of the sleep isn't that good and you stay in a light sleep and are easily wakened. Tobacco can also have a negative effect on your ability to go into a deep sleep.2) Light exercise in the evening. After a sensible dinner, take a nice evening stroll. This will help you work out tension you might be feeling and helps your body relax. Try to avoid doing anything strenuous as this might cause your body to get overstimulated.3) Allow yourself a chance to wind down in the evening. Stay away from work, the news, or anything that might get your mind active. You have to get yourself to a point where your mind and body are moving towards a relaxed state. Take a nice warm bath and then sit back and relax sipping a nice warm chamomile tea or glass of milk with honey.4) Set a regular bedtime. If you can put yourself on a routine, your body will respond favorably. Your body loves to be on a consistent schedule. Just make sure that you are able to keep that schedule going over the weekend.5) Make and keep your bedroom a sleeping chamber. Try to keep everything out of there that might get you stimulated. Try to make it as dark as possible. Take your TV and computer out of the room so you aren't tempted to use them. Keep your work out of the bedroom as well. You have to associate it with just sleep.6) Empty your brain. There are many ways to do this. The first thing to remember is not to remember anything. Don't think about the day you just had and don't think about what has to be done tomorrow. Read a boring book, do a boring crossword or sudoku puzzle, or count backwards from 100.It may take a lot of planning and changing of behavior to get to the point where you can do these things on a regular basis, but no matter how much you don't want to do some of these things, life can't continue for long with your not getting the sleep you need. Whatever you have been doing so far obviously isn't working. Try to do something to change your routine following these steps on how to relieve insomnia and you might just find yourself getting that every elusive full nights sleep. Title: 6 Steps To Goal Success With HypnosisWord Count:787Summary:Follow these six steps and use them with the power of hypnosis and you will be catapulted towards your goal faster than you can imagine.Keywords:hypnosis, self hypnosis, self improvement, self help, personal growth, personal development, goals, subconsciouArticle Body:Many people think of life as an obstacle course full of hurdles and ditches that need to be navigated successfully in order to be happy. In many ways they are right.If you are a very goal-orientated person then it is inevitable that you will encounter obstacles on your way to achievement and success. The bigger the goal the more set-backs there seem to be. These obstacles and set-backs can act as tests. They test your character and your resolve. Each barrier that is overcome and each challenge that is met head on develops your character, belief in yourself and strengthens your resolve to succeed not matter what.However, when the same obstacles keep showing up over and over again and failure seems to be a common occurrence it's time to re-evaluate your approach to your goals. These recurring problems are an indication of your inability to learn from the temporary failures you are experiencing. The conscious mind is obviously having trouble analysing the reasons behind the failures and keeps making the same mistakes.At this point some outside help is needed. Obviously you are unable to consciously work through the trouble you are having and it must be a subconscious block that is preventing you from learning your lesson and moving forward. In such situations hypnosis and self hypnosis can be of immense vale. Either Hypnosis or Self Hypnosis can most definitely be used successfully and effectively to get to the root of the problem and eliminate it forever.One extremely powerful benefit of using hypnosis is the ability to train your mind to stay focused on the successful attainment of your goal. You can program a specific outcome and retain the ability to consciously divert your attention to it in a positive, success-affirming manner. You can also eliminate self-sabotage and remove the negative feelings and thoughts that are blocking your path to success.Here are some tips for using hypnosis as a goal achievement tool.1. Visualize. Program yourself with your desired outcome. While under the influence of self hypnosis visually imagine that your goal is already accomplished and your objective has been reached. See it as real. See it through your own eyes and experience all the wonderful feelings associated with that goal attainment.2. Persistence. Get down into your subconscious mind and change your inner character traits to match those people who NEVER give up. Program your subconscious mind to be persistent regardless of what is going on in any given situation. Post hypnotic suggestions to develop an iron will and persistent approach to your goals will be invaluable in times of stress and disillusionment.3. Think Positive. Learn to think positively. The subconscious mind has a tendency to replay past memories and throw them back into consciousness in the form of doubts and fears. Through the use of self hypnosis you can totally eliminate them. Program your subconscious mind to think positively and expect positive results.4. Program out the Problem. Enevitably some problem will arise when you pursue worthwhile goals. Through hypnosis you can solve these problems fairly rapidly. While in trance see yourself successfully traversing the obstacle. You don't have to see how you did it, just see yourself at the other side, relieved, happy and proud that you "figured it out" and reached the other side. If this, in itself, is a probelm for you, or you find it hard to do then seek the advice of a qualified hypnotherapist. A competent hypnotherapist will find the root of your problem probably in the fits consultation!5. Pre-pave your path. Imagine yourself meeting the right people and being in the right place at the right time. Program your mind like this, through the power of hypnosis, and your subconscious mind will pick up on non-verbal clues, process the millions of bits of information you receive every second and guide you to the right course of action.6. Develop faith Use hypnosis to convince the subconscious mind that your goal is already a reality. "Fake it till you make it". Fool your subconscious mind into believing the "real" world is actually exactly like the world you have been visualizing. In the deeply relaxed state that hypnosis offers you can get fully involved in your mental image. Really feel how great it is to have already accomplished all those things you wanted for so long. Enjoy the fact that you are enjoying the benefits of having reached that goal.Follow these six steps and use them with the power of hypnosis and you will be catapulted towards your goal faster than you can imagine.Title: 6 Steps to Take before BankruptcyWord Count:612Summary:If you currently have unbearable debts and thinking of wipe it off from your statement by declaring bankruptcy; Just on-hold your decision for a while, there may be other options available. Read this article to get more information on how to improve your situation before you investigate the bankruptcy option.Keywords:bankruptcy, debt relief, debt free, grid rid of debt, alternative option, debt consolidationArticle Body:If you currently have unbearable debts and thinking of wipe it off from your statement by declaring bankruptcy; Just on-hold your decision for a while, there may be other options available. Try to improve your situation before you investigate the bankruptcy option. No matter which way you go, evaluate the 5 steps below to see if you could avoid taking that drastic step. 1. Detail out all your debts First, look at all your secured debts such as mortgage and car loan. How much are the repayment for each month? What are the interest rates? Then, list down all the fixed expenses such as power, phone, insurance, food, etc. What are the total costs for these expenses? Follow by examining your credit card debts. Take out all your credit card statement and write down the amount you owe for each card and their interest rate. Finally, write down all your other expandable; these are your optional expenses such as entertainment, gym, membership, dinners at restaurant and other impulsive purchase. 2. Eliminate the unnecessary expenses Now you should have a better idea on where your money goes; Make a diet plan on your cash; In your Cash Diet Plan, list down all the your savings from the elimination of the optional expenses. You will be surprise that how much money you can save by carefully control your expenses. The money you saved can be used to pay down your debts. 3. Get your family involve and work as a team Don't do it alone because under such as stress condition, you may out of control and may not think and plan in clear mind; get your family together and let them know your financial problem and have them to work together to control the household spending and eliminate the unnecessary expenses. 4. Cash out with your assets If you have equity, you are in a better situation because you could refinance or get a secured loan for pay off your debts. If you are looking for bankruptcy as your debt relief options, your may not have any equity in hand already. But equity is not the only asset; many people tend to forget that things that have cash value, but not sentimental value. Think antiques, old clothes or collectibles. List down all the assets you own which your can sell and cash out. Check the closets, garage and storage locker, she says, "and find out what you can live without". Then, cash them out through garage sales, eBay or consignment shops. Use the money to pay down your debts as much as possible. 5. Go for consumer counseling service Arrange an appointment with a credit counseling agency and let the counselor to understand your finance situation and draft a budget for you. Review the debt management plan proposed to you before your sign to enroll into the plan. You may get a few plans from other credit counseling agencies for comparison. Choose the one which best suit your current financial needs. Although a debt-management plan can have a negative impact on your credit, it's better than bankruptcy. 6. Get A second or part time job Utilize your out-of-work time on second or part time job. Although you may not earn much in your part time job, a little money coming in can keep a bad financial situation from getting worse. Summary Bankruptcy may be your easy way out from debts but the consequences may follow you for 7 to 10 years. Always look for other alternative before choose for this dramatic options.6 Ways On How To Avoid Facial Hair GrowthEveryone has hair all over their bodies, men and women. When it becomes a problem is when they get an excess of hair particularly on the face. How much body hair you have is largely a genetic factor. Some people will have more hair and it is dark and easy to see, while others won't have as much and/or it is light and not very easy to see. Whatever your situation, take heart, you can learn how to avoid facial hair growth.Getting rid of unwanted facial hair today is easier and has more options than in the past. There are many ways of getting rid of facial hair, you don't have to rely solely on a razor anymore. As a matter of fact, using a razor in some instances may not be the best thing to do at all. Here are some options you can use to have the silky smooth, hairless face you've always wanted:1. We'll start with the most obvious: shaving. This is the most temporary of solutions and has a lot of negative side effects, such as razor burn and rapid regrowth. For those two reasons, shaving is not the preferred hair removal method for women. 2. Using tweezers. This method is effective since it literally pulls the hair out by the root so it takes longer for the hair to grow back. But it is uncomfortable and it takes a very long time. Tweezing will work best on very small areas such as eyebrows, and stray chin or lip hairs. 3. Depilatory gels. These products are formulated to affect the hair shaft in such a way as to make it easy to remove. They tend to work well for most people, but they are made up of harsh chemicals which can be very irritating to the skin. Before you use one, you should test a small amount on an inconspicuous spot on your face to make sure you don't have a severe reaction. Only use a depilatory that is formulated for use on the face, and make sure to carefully read and follow all directions. 4. Waxing. This is the same basic technique as tweezing: you remove an area of hair literally from it's roots. The difference is that wax can be applied to a large area of skin and you can get a lot of hair removed in one fell swoop. There are many types of waxing products on the market, some work better than others, so you may want to experiment with a couple different brands to find the best one for you. As with the depilatory, make sure to use the wax on a small section of your skin to see if you have any adverse reactions to it before putting it on a large section of your skin. 5. Electrolysis. This is a permanent solution to unwanted hair. This method involves killing the hair by running an electrical current through the shaft. This method is extremely effective, but it can be time consuming and expensive. You will need several treatments since each hair follicle needs to be 'zapped' individually. 6. Laser. This treatment has to be done by someone who is licensed. It too can be time consuming and expensive, and it may not be permanent. Before choosing this option make sure you take the time to ask a lot of questions. There you have it, a complete list of the various methods for getting rid of unwanted facial hair as well as a few things to learn how to avoid facial hair growth in the first place. Take some time and learn more about each method, then find the one that is right for you.Title: 6 Ways To Overcome Shyness And Gain ConfidenceWord Count:603Summary:Many people have problems with shyness and confidence. Most of these problems can be overcome by applying easy to learn tips and ideas designed to overcome shyness. Here are 6 simple tips to overcome shyness and boost your self confidence.Keywords:confidence, overcome shyness, shyness, gain confidenceArticle Body:Are you shy? Do you have difficulty coping with people or situations? Then I have good news for you. You do not have to suffer from shyness and you should not feel insecure and fear that you are being judged with every step you take. Winning the war with shyness takes practice, but is definitely well worth the effort as the result is increasing confidence and self esteem. Wake up feeling good about yourself, able to face the world with confidence and security and the knowing that no feeling of shyness can come in your way of achieving your desires.There are hundreds of books written on the subject of how beat shyness and gain confidence, but there are a few techniques that anyone can practice. Here are 6 suggestions of techniques on how to overcome your shyness:1. Every morning, as soon as you get up, get in front of a mirror and say out loud "I feel terrific! I feel terrific! I feel terrific!" Repeat this affirmation with enthusiasm at least ten times everyday until it's ingrained into your subconscious mind. If feel a little self conscious to begin with lock yourself in the bathroom. The results will amaze you.2. Feel good about yourself. Look your best. Dress up more often. This gives you an extra feeling of confidence and self esteem. On its own just knowing that you look good will boost your confidence and reinforce with others that there are things about you that are worth getting to know. 3. Take a risk at least once a day. It's very invigorating and conquering fears by taking risks helps you grow in confidence and self esteem. Start with small risks and fears and as you overcome them move onto bigger things. There's nothing you cannot do. Be confident in knowing that change can only help you grow, and boost your self confidence.4. When you are engaged in a one to one conversation, or with a larger group of people, let them know that you're shy. This prevents them from misreading you and they are far more likely to invite you into the conversation rather than leave you just listening and wishing you could contribute. Many people, me included, find following a conversation in a noisy room difficult. If you are having difficulty say so and move so that you can hear. People respect honesty, and vulnerability and you will attract more honest people into your life as a result.5. Rejection is a fact of life that everyone experiences. It is rarely you that is being rejected. If you are rejected, for example if you ask someone for a date, remember that everyone has different likes and dislikes. You may be attracted to one type of person and not others. The same applies to other people and you are probably just not their type. That does not devalue you in any way. Accept this and know that you will get over it. Never take it personally and keep in mind that if people reject you it is because of their own likes and dislikes and not because of who you are. You are equally entitled to reject others because of your likes and dislikes.6. Engage in an activities that make you feel excited and good about yourself or start a hobby that gives you a feeling of relaxation. This could be anything from gardening to Tai Chi to Karate. Take some lessons, learn or master a musical instrument or take singing lessons. Do something that excites you and take a risk. Exploring things that make you feel excited is a great antidote for shyness.7 Reasons Why The Need For Teambuilding At Your Offsite EventsYou will find that when you are trying to create a great event that will stand out from a crowd, you will want to make sure that you are using team building to make it happen. You want to use your friends and colleges to make sure that you are doing the very best that you can for your next event. You want to plan something that is so great and exciting that people will want to come back for more.If you are trying to build a great event at an offsite location, you will need to have a lot of help. You need to depend on others to give you the special help that you are looking for. This is one way to ensure that you are not going to miss something and mess up the evening. The following are the reasons why you need team players on your team.1. You want to make sure that you have trust worthy people helping you out on your next event so that you can make it a great success. You want to choose only people that you can really count on so that they are able to create the best party ever. You need them to be in charge of details that will help make your night a success.2. You will also want to have team building for your next off site event because you need to get as many people to help you with your needs as you can. This is very important because you want to have the best available help that you can in rder to get everything accomplished so that there is nothing left undone.3. You have to be able to work together with others on an event because you need to make things happen. When you are all on the same page and looking to make the day better, you will find it a lot easier to create the perfect event that will make the night shine. You want to make sure that everyone is getting along just perfectly so that the work is being done and no one is left out.4. Getting to have team players on your event team is important. You want to be able to trust everyone so that they can do their job and not have to worry about watching over them all the time. This is so important because you need to create the best event that you can as well as keep your close team together so that no one is getting upset.5. Make sure that you are able to communicate. When you have team players that do not communicate with each other, you will find that you can create chaos when it comes to an event. You need to be able to get the most from your team that you can so that no one is causing trouble and making it hard for others to make the night perfect.6. Getting help at an off site location is not always easy. You will want to make sure that you are doing the necessary background checks so that you can be sure that you have reliable and dependable people working for you. You do not want to have to worry about who you have on your team because it is important to keep trust and honesty there so that you are not double-checking everything that they are doing.7. You want to find someone that is going to be able to handle anything that is thrown his or her way. You need to find reliable people that can take on the pressures of anything that can go wrong when it comes to the event. You need them to be cool and calm and ready to take on challenges. You will find that once you have these people working for you and on your team, you can relax and stop worrying so much about what you have to do. You can feel good about your choice and know that you have done your best. 7-Step Guide To Building A Fast CarReadying the slot car for a race is, without a doubt, crucial to winning. Sometimes, it's all that separates one car from another in the race track in terms of performance. So how to you ready the car for a race? Here is a 7-step guide.InspectionThe first step is to inspect the entire car, the moving and non-moving components. Look the under garage and replace or enhance anything that can be changed. For example, if you know of a better-performing motor, replacing the existing motor of your slot car is a good idea. Check all car parts. Inspect how they fit with one another. If they're loose, tighten them. If they're very tight, loosen them up a bit. Take a mental note of all the parts and test drive the car. If it performs according to your expectations, you're done with inspection. If not, make some more adjustments.Motor Burn-InLike in any car, real or miniature, burning-in the motor is critical to the car's performance. Some drivers like to do it the conventional way – that is racing a few laps; some prefer to do it underwater. If you are leaning towards the latter, follow the steps below:First, remove the car's shell then attach the power source to the car's braids and submerge it underwater. You can use a bowl of distilled water for this. Run the car in the water for approximately 20 minutes while changing the voltage from lowest to the maximum speed the transformer could give. Hold the speed at slow, mid and high for about 5 minutes each. Now, for the final part, simulate the actual speed you run during an actual race. Drying and LubricationThe next step is to remove the water from every nook and cranny of the car then lubricating it. Use a spray lube on the motor, a door opener lube on the gears and light lube on the axles and bushings. Wheel and Tire TuningTruing the tire, a process that involves polishing the surface of the tire on sandpaper, is a process that shouldn’t be missed when fine tuning a slot car. Do this by first removing the tires from the rims and run these on 220 grit sandpaper. This should remove any burr that is created by the mold. Sand the cars down until the general profile becomes similar. For further polishing, use 220 to 800 grit sandpaper. You can see that they are ready for racing once they shine.Braid and Guide TuningInspect the guide and braids and remove them when you see that they need some polishing. The key here is to make these components as optimized for racing as possible by allowing them better contact with the groove on the track.Axle Polishing and Gear MeshingBefore fixing the axles and the gears, it is advisable to glue the motor in place to prevent it from moving while on the track. Once you're done with that, you can look to the car's axles and gears and see where improvements can be made.Now you're ready for the race. Put all the disassembled components of the car back in place and test-drive it. Learn how you can best control it by making further changes on its setting.Summertime PicnicsSummertime, kids, and picnics are meant to go together. Having a picnic doesn’t have to be reserved for a day out at the beach or park. Kids love to eat outside, especially if it means they don’t have to stop playing to come inside and get cleaned up. If you are going to have a picnic during an outing, be sure to practice food safety and have icepacks in with the food or cooler.Picnics can be as simple and easy as peanut butter and jam sandwiches with apples to as complicated as fried chicken and potato salad. It all depends on how much time you have and the preferences of those you will be serving. But whatever you make, let the kids help you prepare. If your little ones are active, you can prepare a picnic that consists of all finger foods. Let the kids come and go as they please have a snack here and there as they need it. Some easy finger foods for a picnic include:* Cheese and crackers* Vegetable sticks (carrots, tomatoes, and cucumber)* Ants and dirt (fill celery sticks with peanut butter and top with raisins)* Fruit * Deli meat* Hard boiled eggsEven if none of your children are in diapers anymore, having baby wipes or another wet wipe on hand after a picnic is necessary. They help with clean-up before and after eating. They also can do double-duty to clean off the picnic table at a park before you use it. Paper plates are practical but if you use them a lot they are an added expense – you can pick up a plastic picnic set that is easy to wash and can be used over and over throughout the summer.Not nice enough outside for a picnic? Who says you can’t have one indoors too!7 Things You Should Know Before Going to Buy a Kitten1. They are not unlike fast growing babies. They start off lying in your arms looking at peace with the world but before you know it they’re at the “toddler” stage and running up drapes and under rugs!2. They are fussy eaters. Even the smallest kitten will spit out everything it doesn’t believe to be the very best available – oh and “the best” is very subjective, it depends less on the price/brand and more on the cat’s likes and dislikes!3. Which brings us onto number 3, your kitten will grow into an opinionated cat with strong likes and dislikes. It won’t care if that’s your chair, your child’s bed, an antique sofa or fragile houseplant. If your cat likes it, it’s his! 4. If you have friends and family who don’t like – or even better, are allergic to – your kitten from a very young age will see these as their new best friend and insist on sitting on their lap!5. Don’t believe what your cat tries to make you think – it is possible to train a cat to do certain things. Just take potty training as an example, you can train a cat to use a litter box, so it follows a cat is capable of learning. Unfortunately an ability to learn does not automatically mean a willingness to learn, especially in a cat!6. A kitten will grow, and grow fast. Remember this as you think it’s cute to have that tiny ball of fluff curled up next to you on your pillow at night! Pretty soon that little kitten is going to take up all the pillow, and not be happy when it suddenly finds itself on the cold floor in a property fight over whose pillow it is!7. A kitten will quickly worm itself into your heart and stay there – so make sure you only take enough money to buy one or you could end up bringing two or three home because you couldn’t choose between two of them, and then the third one looked so lonely!7 Party Planning Tips for Building Your Party TimelineOne of the best things that you can have when you are planning a party or event of any size is a written party timeline and master shopping list. By making yourself a good solid timeline and comprehensive list for shopping, you can ensure that your party goes off without a hitch. Here are seven tips from professional party planners to get you on the right track in planning your shopping list and timeline:Tip #1 – No matter what the size of your event, if it is for children or adults, a wedding or a simple birthday party, you must have a master shopping list as well as a good timeline. Simply use a pen and paper and decide on how long things will take you to do and start filling in your timeline. And, while you are going through the process, this is the time to start a shopping list as well. Tip #3 – Before you can start to build your timeline and shopping list, first you must decide on where your party or event will be held and how many people you will be inviting. If you will be using an event location or a restaurant, you need to secure your space before moving along to do anything else. Tip #3 – Once you have secured your location for your party, then you can start to build your lists. To start building your timeline think about the things you will need to do before the party, such as send out your invitations. If you will be having them custom printed you will need to allow extra time for the printing before you can mail them out to your guests. Tip #4 – Now that you have your date and location secured, and you have ordered your invitations, if necessary, then it is time to think about what you will be doing at your party, what type of food and drinks will be on the menu, and how long you want the party to last. Dedicate a single sheet of paper just to your party day and list everything you will need to do, in order, by time. For example, preparing food before guests arrive would be at the top of the sheet of paper, while giving out party favors may be at the absolute bottom. Tip #5 – In addition to your timeline for the day of the party, you will also want to formulate a timeline for the two weeks or so leading up to the event. Here you will need to block out time for cleaning, shopping, decorating, etc…Tip #6 – As you do each of the steps above, you will start to develop a good timeline and a great shopping and supplies list of things which you will need. This will be a great help to you and can even help you to remember to pick up things that you might otherwise have forgotten. In addition, you will also start to see if there will be any conflicts in your timeline where you might need to move a few things around or enlist the help of others.Tip #7 – Once you have your lists generated then it is time to stick to them and make sure everything gets done. If you are finding that you have more work to do than time to do it in, it is perfectly acceptable to ask other people to help you with carious parts of the event. In fact, most people you will find would be happy to help you. If you will be hosting a party or event, the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to follow these tips, and others you hear from friends, and develop yourself a good timeline and master shopping list. By writing things down, you will much more clearly see what you need to do and what you will have time to do yourself. PPPPPWord count 6607 Professional Party Planner Tips for Clearing and Cleaning After a Large MealIt is always fun to plan an elaborate party and see it come to life. However, in addition to the pre-work of the party, afterwards always comes the drudgery of the after meal clean-up, including clearing the table and washing up the dishes. Here are some professional party planning tips for dealing with your after meal clean-up and dish washing to help make your life a bit easier.Tip #1 – Devise a simple plan ahead of time on how you will deal with such issues as storing your leftover food items, dishwashing, and trash disposal. If you will be keeping leftover food items for your family to eat at a later time, then make sure you have enough of the right sized bowls and platters to store them on in your refrigerator. If you will be sending leftovers home with other people take the time to purchase some appropriate disposable containers which you can give to them and not have to worry about them being returned. For the dishwashing component, decide ahead of your meal which items can go in your dishwasher and which cannot. For your trash and recyclable items, have bags inside containers placed at strategic locations around your home. Assign someone to look at them from time to time and empty them when necessary. Tip #2 – One of the best things you can do to make your life easier post-meal is to start off with a clean kitchen and refrigerator. The day before your party take the time to clean out your refrigerator and remove all unnecessary clutter from your kitchen and countertops. By doing this you will be able to work on your counter tops and easily clean them. In addition, you will be able to simply open the refrigerator to store things without having to move things around to make room. Tip #3 – Another one of the best things you can do for yourself is to clean up your dishes and messes as you are preparing the meal itself. Your goal should be to sit down at the table with your guests, with as little waiting in the kitchen to be cleaned up as possible. By doing this, you can ensure that the only dishes which will have to dealt with are those which are sitting on your table.Tip #4 – Once your meal has concluded is the time where you should gather up all of the dishes from the table, scrape them, start soaking them in water while you continue to clear the table of leftovers, and then wash all of your dishes either in the dishwasher or by hand. While it is always very tempting to let the dishes sit until your guests have gone home, you will find the work is much easier if you do it right away at the conclusion of the meal. While you are clearing off the table gather up any leftovers and immediately put them into containers and into your refrigerator for safety. Tip #5 – It is polite for people to ask to help clean-up after the conclusion of a meal. Allow your friends and family to help you out. This will make your clean-up go much quicker and smoother. It will also allow you to get back to enjoying your company as soon as possible. Tip #6 – Your party day is not the time to deal too much with what goes in your dishwasher and what you hand wash. Things which are dishwasher safe should go in the dishwasher, and when it is completely full that is the time you should start hand washing what is left. Hand washing while everything is soaking makes it a very easy task, and your hand washed dishes can then rest on a drying rack while you get back to your party and guests. Tip #7 – If you find a pot which is very miserable to wash and doesn’t want to come clean, let it soak overnight with a solution of baking soda and dish soap. This will allow it to be easily cleaned the next morning. While clearing the table and washing dishes is never the most fun part of a party, it can be relatively simple and pain free when you incorporate the tips above. PPPPPWord Count 719Title: 7 Common Refinancing Mistakes to AvoidWord Count:361Summary:Whenever interest rates drop, a refinancing frenzy naturally follows. Whether you're looking to trim your mortgage payments, eliminate credit-card debt or pay off your car loan, experts say you should fully understand all of the options available to you before deciding to refinance.Keywords:7 Common Refinancing Mistakes to AvoidArticle Body:Whenever interest rates drop, a refinancing frenzy naturally follows. Whether you're looking to trim your mortgage payments, eliminate credit-card debt or pay off your car loan, experts say you should fully understand all of the options available to you before deciding to refinance. Measurable—how do you measure "better shape" or "slimmer waist"? You can't. So scale your goal to a specific number (e.g., 10% bodyfat, a 33-inch waist, or a size six). bmw sat nav repairs kent bmw navigation dvd business 2014 torrent bmw x5 sat nav 2014 dvd navigation bmw e46 bmw human navigation system You’re not going to be the perfect entrepreneur. Nobody is. But in order to make yourself the best entrepreneur you can be, consider ways to compensate for any weaknesses you might have. 9. List everything you will eat on the number of days you are away. You shouldn't be performing any cardio